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Log in and out as often as you like. Our course saves your progress as you go.

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Pass short quizzes while the information is still fresh on your mind.

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Over 50% of our basic course is video with a 100% video option available, too.

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Low price includes course, certificate and first-class USPS delivery.

Approved by TEA and TDLR

We have partnered with ApprovedCourse.com, the fastest growing defensive driving provider in Texas. TDLR/TEA #CP280 has helped thousands of Texas drivers tell their tickets goodbye.

Driving Records Available

Most courts require submission of a certified Type 3A driving record as part of the ticket dismissal process. We can help you get that record and deliver it right along with your certificate.

We're Here to Help

We know you don't do defensive driving every day, but we do. Hit a snag? Our Texas-based customer service team is ready with the answers you need by phone, email or text.

Texas Defensive Driving Course Details

How tickets go away in Texas

The Judge Said Yes...yay

And ever since he did, we're sure you have been dying to get started on your defensive driving course. OK. maybe not. However, since you do want that ticket off your record, why not take a chance on enjoying yourself while you do? A course from DriverSafetyTexas,com can make completing your defensive driving obligation not feel like an obligation. Getting the ticket was hard, getting rid of it shouldn't have to be!

Making the Judge Happy

You have probably received a detailed set of instructions as to how the court's ticket dismissal process works. Chances are good that the number one instruction was to make sure to choose a TDLR/TEA approved course. Have no fear, we've got you covered! Our course developers made sure to jump through every hoop required to bring you the course you need. The court likely requested a copy of your driving record as part of the dance, and we can provide that, too. Order a record before, during or after your course and you can have it emailed, faxed or mailed with your certificate, whatever is best for you.

The Judge Wants it When?!?

If the pace of your life is like most other people's, it's amazing how quickly 90 days can get away from you. Turns out, when the judge set the date, he wasn't foolin'. Don't worry, we gotcha. We process your certificate as soon as you complete the course and, if you get it done any weekday by 3PM, it goes out the same day. If you are worried that your regularly scheduled mailman can't get it there in time, we offer several affordable methods of expedited shipping, including a printable certificate option. get your certificate as soon as you finish your course.

Defensive Driving can Make Me Money?

Most insurance companies offer "safe driver" discounts to defensive driving graduates. They figure that smarter drivers have less accidents and that they should pass some of their savings on to you. Many of our students save enough on their premiums to cover both course cost and court fees, with money to spare. Bet you never thought you'd be thankful for that speed trap!

Why Wait?

Remember being in school and how much you hated getting homework? How'd you get it done? You got started and it was usually over before you knew it. Just like those school days, the sooner you get started with your defensive driving course, the sooner you can go out and play. You're burning daylight, young-un'. Get started and get it done! I promise it will feel better when it's over.

Driving Course Frequently Asked Questions

How does this whole ticket dismissal thing work, anyway?

Wow, 90 days can fly by! How fast can I get my certificate?

Unlike some of the other guys, we are based right here in Texas meaning we can get your certificate to you faster, even by regular mail. For faster service still, choose from one of our affordable expedited options, including the ability to print your certificate as soon as you're done!.

I need a driving record? How can I get one of those?

You can can order your court-required Type 3A driving record at registration or at the end of the course and we'll deliver it with your course completion certificate. Not realize you needed it until now? Order one and we can get it to you in an email within an hour.

Only $25. What's the catch?

There's not one. Really. We want our students to have the best experience available for the most reasonable price available. That ticket was injury enough; we sure don't want to add any insult.

I don't think I can sit at a computer for six hours.

Good news, you don't have to (unless you really want to). The beauty of an online course is that it can be completed all at once or a little at a time. You are free to finish your course on your schedule, not some driving school's.

Does it matter where I take my course?

Unless you are using an internet that the rest of us aren't, feel free to jump into your course anytime and from anywhere. Home or library, coffe shop or mountain top, your course is there, and probably missing you...

Dangit, my %$^&*@^$ wi-fi died!

Technology is great - until it isn't. Relax. We save your progress as you go so even if you can't get there from where you are, we know exactly where you are and will be waiting when your wifi returns.

Ready to send that ticket packing?

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